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By Ted See on 8/29/2011 10:03 AM
By using certain proven budget strategies and the proper financial approach you will be able to improve your profitability and enhance your current cash position. In the order of priority, we will consider each of the following financial sales and expense areas in the budget process to make sure each of these actions is considered and prioritized properly to insure the creation of the optimal budget.


The first five things, listed by priority that you can do to improve your profit are:

1) Increase the selling price.

2) Decrease and control the direct costs (labor and MESO).

3) Decrease and control the variable costs (associated costs to direct costs).

4) Increase the sales volume.

5) Decrease the fixed costs.



The first thing you must do to increase your profit is to increase the selling price. Most companies currently have no way to insure that annual price increases, including even small cost of living increases, are implemented into...



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