Online Software for profit enhancement, cash management, business valuation, exit plan solutions


  • Determine the current value of your business.
  • Develop annual business financial plans including cash flow projections showing the cash and/or credit line needed to achieve the desired profit goals, profit projections and pricing strategies to achieve the desired business' exit value.
  • Determine the time-line needed for exit at your required business' exit value.
  • Determine the value for exit at your desired time line for exit.




The TASCON® Business Analyst is a fast and easy to use online software business financial planning tool that has been used by professionals in business since 1989. Powerful online solutions that optimize profits, bid pricing results, budgets, forecasts, cash flows and exit plan solutions. Originally developed specifically for trusted advisors specializing in contractors and job shop manufacturers, it works equally well for any small to mid-sized business.


The TASCON® Business Analyst helps businesses... 

The TASCON® Business Analyst is simple, effective, affordable, and it really works!

There is no software to install, no file maintenance to deal with, no file space needed, no spreadsheets to create or maintain, customizable stakeholder reports are available in one click and support is included.

K2 Enterprises (, recognized as the leading independent educator of accounting related technology solutions in the United States, has identified The TASCON® Business Analyst as one of the top products available in the marketplace and is one of the best software tools to use in business.

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